Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Creative Prayer (A Throwback)

Though my creative cognition houses a host of ideas, my ability to carry them out lays dormant. Discontentment and misery now reside where motivation and captivation should be. My mind is held hostage by the shackles of my current reality. At one time, my mind dwelled in creative ingenuity, but it has been relocated to a place of dead dreams and unfulfilled prophecies. I crave mental stimulation that would breakdown the barrier of lethargy and pessimism, and cause my creativity to protrude from within like fresh water bursting from a natural geyser. Allow the content of my mind to breed positivity and cause wayward thinking to cease. Touch my mind to the point that it would move humanity from one spectrum to another. Innovate my thinking, electrify my creative juices, and illuminate my word choice. In closing, I ask that you would guide my pen to newfound dimensions of accomplishment—laying the spawning bed for destiny and greatness to eternally consummate...

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