Sunday, February 22, 2009

Discipline: The Dream Maker or Dream Breaker???

How monumental is it that great people have extraordinary ideas and grand visions? Actually, it's quite common. As I grow in age, I'm realizing that the veil between success and destruction is extremely thin--particularly for an undisicplined person. It's been pretty frequent that as of lately we've been seing major personalities be ostracized all due to the lack of discipline. It takes discipline to control a habit, and without consistency and discipline, even the most talented individual is putting themselve in a volatile state. This weekend, I had a chance to reflect over my life and all I could think about is this absence of total discipline. Now don't get it twsited, I am not stating that I have made a personal decree to perfection, because that would be a lie. However, I am no longer willing to miss out on success, all because I lack the ability to finish what I started. Once again, I ask how often is it that we embark on a new project or new idea; but how often do we finish them? I no longer am satisfied being a STARTER, but I vow to be a FINISHER. I vow not to get excited about even the greatest project until it is FINISHED! How shameful would it be to miss a milestone all because I lack the ability to follow through with what I started.....Just something to think about....

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