Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Interesting Review

But of course I'm insecure...Writers block throws you so far out of the loop. It's been a minute since I've heard feedback, rejection, accolades...I'm getting used to it all....Check this review...For some reason, after this review of my work I was on CLOUD NINE! Let me know what you think!

“I looked at part of it. It's very densely written, and I thought that there was more description than you needed, and the conversation didn't sound natural. I took out most of the attributions, since there were only two people talking, and it was easy for me to tell who was saying what. (Besides, when important information is being exchanged, the attributions get in the way, and a reader can often infer from the characters' words how they are saying them.) Criticism aside, this was very engaging, well-paced, and if I didn't have so many deadlines, I would have edited the whole text (although I did read it).”

Feedback Please! J

Finding My Voice

I often ask myself, what components formulate a powerful voice? I proudly admit that I do have a powerful voice; however, it is often difficult for me to tap into my voice. Somewhere in the abyss of trying to sound intelligent, avoiding active/passive voice transgressions, attempting to lace in humor while fusing in a somewhat advanced vocabulary, I get lost. I find myself lost in transition from turning a monumental concept into a verbal or written expression. I consider my favorite musical artist Richard Smallwood. Even though I have never met him, with ease I can pinpoint ANYTHING he has written, simply based on the way the chords are voiced. This is the type of consistency I want my voice to have. I realize the more that I write, the more defined my voice will become—which is why I am writing this blurb in the first place, LOL. It also means a lot to me to have a trustworthy voice. If I DO indeed master the craft of honing in on my voice, I want the voice to be one that can be trusted. There are many voices that are cemented, but are not trustworthy (i.e. Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Howard Stern). These individuals have huge platforms and extremely consistent voices, but the quality of the verbiage which protrudes form their voice is often condescending, misleading, and at times, deceptive. As I continue to practice on finding MY voice, I ask for any feedback that could assist me in this tedious process.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Four Years Later....

...I return. The same manuscript still lays scattered over my chocolate, plush duvet-cover. Not much has changed as I have THE greatest concept in my reach, but still lacking a finished product. Moments of accomplished valor are followed by extreme dry seasons of insecurity, doubt, and personal inhibitions. Yet, I still fight on--fighting to keep this child I have given birth to alive. Using my pencil to recussitate life into this script which has the potential to reconcile families all over the world. I've given chapters of my manuscripts to other fellow writers, readers, and editors. The feedback has been tremendous, but yet my confidence hangs in the looms. I feel like an adolescent boy scared to face the beautiful girl in math class who served as the source of his first wetdream. (Sorry for the explicit--but I'm sure you get the point) One close loved one told me, "Because you are about to delve into unchartered waters as a black male writer, you're probably a little shaky... It's easy to follow the beaten, familiar path, but tapping into those unchartered waters takes some Ca-hones! That's what's sparking the insecurity." Boy, was she ever right...I guess it's easy to accomplish things when the patent is made readily available. This journey is so tedious! Every T must be cross and every I dotted....the simplest, innocent error could land you IMMEDIATELY in the reject pile. That's a pretty heavy weight to carry at times...But yet I fight on...Wish me luck fellow writers!